Being Busy Being Creative

It’s been a long time – far to long since I have been here on the blog. I guess life just got a bit too busy here on the farm and at Colours on Grey. So many things just happened –  here are a few of them.

I have attended a lot of markets this summer (something I think I am getting a little bit too old for) – but I love getting out and about, connecting with people and enjoying a day out in the sun. If you have followed me on Instagram – you would have seen some of the places I have been. Anyway, it’s winter now here in Glen Innes, and markets are definite of for the time being.

The other thing that kept me busy was workshops, – and the inspiration that followed these. My last two posts were about an art class I did and that really inspired me to do more. So in September 2016 I attended Julie Paterson from Cloth’s workshop ‘Look Draw Print’ and I liked it so much I attended another one of hers in March 2017. Julie does amazing work on fabric. You should look her up.



I managed to do these fabric prints, and they are definitely not the last ones.

I also attended a 2-day painting workshop with Artist Michelle Hungerford from Tamworth. Michelle has a wonderful approach to landscape painting. This is my painting from that weekend, and there are more to come.

The result of attending creative workshops is often inspiration, so I ended up spending a lot of time in the studio, artworks piling up everywhere, and I had hoped to get it all sorted and organised during the summer. But we had an unprecedented hot summer with temperatures over 35 degrees, – and not much work got done at all!.

Then – one day – I walked by a little shop being emptied – and I had a bright (ha-ha) idea. I would start doing workshops! Start inspiring people to be creative…….. I mean – why not…….

Well – I did – and now I am busier than ever! More about my new creative adventure later or catch up via Facebook and Instagram.

Until next time……


Dreaming of warmer weather

In the mist of winter, we were suddenly blessed with a week of spring-like weather to the extent where I didn’t even needed to keep the fireplace going. It was a wonderful break away from the cold, and it made me long for picking up my paint bruches and venture outside to do some painting.

It also brought back memories from a wonderful day in late April, plein-air painting with a group of new friends, by a river somewhere in the beautiful Australian bush.

River 1

River 2

A very beautiful place ………

Yellow Trees 1

Blog 4e

Now how can you not get inspired by this 🙂

….. well – I did!

Blog 5

Today I went through all my sketches and drawings from that wonderful inspirational day, and started getting my thoughts together for a new series of paintings.

So, back to the studio it is.

Until next time …………..

Mi 🙂

Autumn Art & Fantastic Food

For many years I have looked at Annie Herron’s ad for her residential art classes wishing one day I could join.

At the Glen Innes Show I met Sophie Hansen from Local is Lovely (see previous post) and found out that Annie was her mother. I also learned that Sophie was the cook at these art classes and that they have Danish heritage. That was my cue………….it was time to join up, and so I did. And what I week I had.

On the road

It took me 10 hours of driving through some very dry farmland to reach my destination, – but the Australian nature with its wide open spaces are still impressive and the sky was bright blue (luckily it rained on the way back).

Open Road


I finally made it to Rydal, where I had a quick stop at the Old Train Station.

 Room 1   Art 4

…… and then I moved into this beautiful room.

Art 6

My room was behind the blue door. I could have stayed forever 🙂

Art 7

Next it was time to pick up the paint brush…….

Drawing 2    Drawing 3

Two variations over the same landscape theme, based on a walk I did with fellow artist Ingrid.

collage 3

But it wasn’t just about drawing and painting. It was about meeting new people, sitting around the table in Annie and Henry’s kitchen talking, enjoying Sophies delicious food, and having a go at Henry’s pool table. There were many good and funny stories shared and I went to bed every night exhausted !

Collage 2

Needless to say, I had the most wonderful time and I am sure, I’ll be coming back. If you would like to read more about Annie’s Art Classes check out her website and Sophie from Local is Lovely wrote a beautiful blog post about the food, including lots of recipes.

I can’t thank Annie, Henry, Sophie and my fellow ‘art students’ enough for this unique week. Not only did I learn a few new ‘tricks of the trade’, I am also loaded up with inspiration to last me for months and I definitely need to get back into the kitchen to try out those lovely recipes of Sophie’s.

Photo: Sophie Hansen     Sketch 2      Sketch 1

Photo of me by Sophie Hansen                        Two small landscape sketches 🙂





Glen Innes Show 2016

A couple of weekends ago I participated in the Gourmet Fiesta at the yearly Glen Innes Show with a stall full of paintings and other handmade goodies.During two very hot and dusty days I meet and talked to hundreds of people.

I love coming to this event, not just because it’s a local event, but because it still has this very special atmosphere – a mixture of summer, excitement, country life and being together.

Amongst the people I meet was The Gourmet Fiesta celebrity cook Sophie Hansen of Local is Lovely. Sophie wrote a beautiful story on her blog about her Glen Innes Show experience, and I think she has captured the essence of what a great Australian Country Show is all about. You can read it here.

Thank you to everyone who dropped by, for your lovely comments about my creations and for shopping at my stall – I had such a wonderful time.

Until next time……..


Blog Feb 2

We were 26 stalls under a huge white tent

Blog Feb16 3

Showing of my stuff… this is before the heat and dust hit me 🙂




Life goes on

Sometimes life throws you a challenge – and you are left with just one thing – to learn to deal with it. There is no escaping – no easy way out.
In the last year I have lost my dear father and one of my very best friends to cancer within a very short time of each other, – and it left me numb. It has taken me most of a year to work through this, to find out how to keep all ‘this’ in my life, and to move forward and keep living. This is the reason for the silence here on the blog, not having the creative energy to write nor paint.
But life goes on, – and mine with the memory of two lovely people, I was privileged to have in my life.
They were both ‘art people’ – and when I finally picked up the paintbrush again, I took inspiration from them. One loved watercolours, the other the colour black, and below you can see a few examples of my sketches inspired by them.

I will never forget them……………. Mi







A trip to France

It has been a very long time since my last post, and for that I do apologise. Family commitments kept me very busy the last part of 2014 and I had to put everything else on hold for a while. But now I am ready to pick up where I left.

After my stay in Denmark I went to France eating my way through lots of absolutely wonderful mouth-watering French food.


Like these freshly made sausages from the market in Lyon …..

IMG_2791Or the festival of pink cakes from the local bakery…….


I have never seen such a beautiful cheese display …..ever !


And of cause – no meal without water & wine …….

After getting over the initial excitement of all the delicious food and catching up with old friends, it was time to travel to the south of France, and here is a few snapshot from that trip.




















It was a fantastic trip, I LOVED being back and I got to re-visit many places from my childhood holidays. Many things had certainly changed and was not quiet like I remembered it, but still very beautiful. France will always have a special place in my heart. Unfortunately it will probably be many years before I see her again.

Until next time………



Sculptures of Sand

I paid a visit to Hundsted Sand Sculpture Festival the other day.

It was a perfect sunny day, which brought back memories of sand-castle-building-at-the-beach as a kid, as we drove up along the Danish coastline, – so seeing this exhibition was a perfect timing.

Sand (1) (1280x1263)

Sand (2) (853x1280)        Sand (4) (1280x853)

The theme was Nordic Gods.

Sand (3) (853x1280)

My recollection of the stories of these magnificent characters was a bit rusty – but I was helped along by signs and fellow visitors (with better memory), who was more than happy to share their knowledge.

Sand (11) (853x1280)


Sand (10) (1144x1280)             Sand (6) (853x1280)

Sand (7) (853x1280)

The sand sculptures were made by artists from all over the World.

Read more about the festival here

Sand (15) (634x1280)

Sending Sand-Hearts until next time ….


The Bridge

I grew up by the ocean (or by a fjord to be correct ), and crossing the bridge was a part of my childhood bike travels. I must have done that crossing  a thousand times.

broen (6) (1024x683)

broen (10) (1024x683)

Back then I was very annoyed when a boat came along, and I would have to wait till the bridge opened to let sailor and his boat through.

broen (1) (1024x683)

broen (2) (1024x683)

Today – it gave me an opertunity to capture some nice images across the water.

broen (5) (1024x683)

broen (4) (1024x857)

broen (7) (1024x683)

broen (11) (1024x683)

As a keen young sailor I also experienced sailing under the open bridge, – which I always found a bit daunting.

broen (9) (1024x658)

broen (8) (1024x683)

I do love the ocean !

Until next time ……


A visit back in time with Karen Blixen

A visit to the home of Karen Blixen – now Karen Blixen Museum – is a must.

I love this place, its aura, its beauty and its history.

Karen Blixen (4)

Here, on these steps she once stood, greeting visitors – and stepping into her home today, is like stepping back in time – which , – you sort of do. Her original furniture is still there, arranged just like she wanted them. All her interior decor from both Africa and her family home are skilfully arranged to create a very personal style.

Unfortunately visitors are not allowed to take photographs but click here to see the image from the Karen Blixen Museum website.

Karen Blixen (1)

In other areas of this magnificent house is a cafe, a cinema, a display area.

.Karen Blixen (15)

Karen Blixens father – Wilhelm Dinesen bought Rungstedlund in 1879 and his family and later Karen Blixen lived there until 1958, when Karen Blixen gave it to the Trust, which runs the Museum and the beautiful park and bird sanctuary today.

Read more about the history of Rungstedlund here.

Karen Blixen (9)

Karen Blixen moved to Rungstedlund after Africa in 1931 and lived here with her mother. She wrote her most famous books here.

Karen Blixen (12)

Find out more about this spellbinding place at The website gives a comprenhensive view of the life of Karen Blixen.

Karen Blixen (10)

A place highly recommended to visit.


Until next time ….


A country roadtrip

Driving around the Danish landscape during summer is a familiar, yet exciting experience.

I went on a mini road trip, driving through one picturesque view after another. My fellow traveller was very patient, as I wanted to stop every second minute to capture the beauty surrounding us.

You judge for your self.

Roadtrip 12 (1024x666)

Wind power is HUGE in Denmark. It’s part of the Danish landscape these days and I think they look beautiful.

Roadtrip 1 (1024x683)

Driving into the towship of Sæby

Roadtrip 2 (1024x681)

Roadtrip 8 (1024x642)

Roadtrip 4 (1024x827)

I never get tired of capturing old Danish houses. Just love them !

Roadtrip 10 (683x1024)

Roadtrip 5 (1024x681)

Roadtrip 7 (1024x661)        Roadtrip 6 (1024x683)

Roadtrip 3 (1024x715)

Until next time ….